Sugar Detox- Preparation

Preparation is KEY! I cannot emphasize that enough! Writing down meal planning and snack ideas are a must, finding appealing recipes and making a grocery list is a MUST,  sticking to it best you can is a MUST!!! Ok so it’s not that strict! You can add variety thoughout your planning but you need to retrain your brain so you are not grabbing your “go-to” sugary snacks.

So what is sugar and all of it’s secret hidden names and forms?

  • Simple sugars are called monosaccharides and include: glucose or dextrose, fructose and galactose.
  • Table sugar or sucrose is a disaccharide as is lactose and maltose.
  • icing sugar, brown sugar, syrups, “aspartame”, agave, sweetners, stevia, sucralose, saccharin, polyols (sugar alcohols).
  • Evaporated cane juice, alcohol, fruit juice
  • Cane sugar, corn syrup, honey, maple syrup and molasses.
  • Other foods to avoid: Soy, vinegar, breads, dairy

Look at your food labels to uncover all the sneaky ways sugar enters processed foods. Besides the sugars, how many other names are hard or impossible to pronounce. A good way to think about these foods is that is what your body is being made up of. Let’s shift our body makeup from Dimethicone and methylparaben to carrots and coconut oil!!

Studies have shown the average person consumes approximately 55lbs of sugar a year. Now whether this study is bang on or not is not important, but the fact that our society consumes WAY TOO MUCH SUGAR is Very Important! A large portion comes from drinks (pop and juices). Something to think about this long weekend 😉

High sugar diets are linked to obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, alzehimer’s disease, tooth decay. So do you really need more convincing?! NO… Ok then let’s get planning! So I listed the sugars in all forms to avoid so what to include??

Food List:

  • Foods low on the glycemic list to avoid high spike in blood sugar.
  • Lots of Vegetables including all the green ones (No potatoes, for now, but yes to sweet potatoes and other root veggies)!
  • Lean meats (turkey, chicken, beef, lamb), Eggs, and fish (grass fed and free range if possible)
  • Grape seed, olive, and coconut oil, avocado, almonds, macadamian nuts, other nuts, seeds
  • Quinoa, brown rice
  • Unsweetened chocolate

Recipe sites all of which are on facebook as well:,,, PaleOMG, FastPaleo, AgainstAllGrain

On facebook: A lot of great websites and recipes here, and Detox support here

Please feel free to add any great recipe sites you come across in the comment box, there are many!

Sugar Detox- Intro

DETOX!!! Many of you are likely curious as to what a sugar detox entails, what are the restrictions, limitations, how long, and what can you eat.

This is not my first detox and likely not my last, and although I know a lot through experience and training, I do not know it all (believe it or not  😉 . But what I do know is the powerful effects of a sugar addiction and how it can control and manipulate so many aspects of your life and like many addictions, the user is usually unaware of its power and effects. Until you can break the addiction for a couple weeks, you will likely not fully understand. The strict timeline I have decided on is 3 weeks, the reasoning is it will take at least 2 weeks to rid the body of the strong sugar and carb cravings, so 3 weeks to help build strong healthy eating habits. I am planning to keep the cravings under control for a lot longer than 3 weeks though!

Are you in or out?! You need to choose for you, but I will be here to support, motivate and answer any questions. Yes it is tough, any addiction is hard to kick, so figure out if the long term benefits outweigh the addictions negative effects.images

Are you addicted to sugar: If you answer yes to more than one, the answer is likely yes!

  • Do you crave sweets, mostly later in the evening right after a meal.
  • Do you get a restless feeling like you could keep eating and eating, but nothing seems to satisfy.
  • Would you rather white pasta and breads? white sugar in coffee?
  • Do you have stubborn abdominal “fat” that won’t disappear.
  • Do you plain out crave sugars and starchy carbs?
  • Do you have mood swings or feel lethargic throughout the day-particularly in the afternoon?
  • Do you have mood swings, anxiety, depression?

So all of these reasons help to motivate the detox, among many others. I know it may seem Very scary as you might ask, “well what can I eat since sugar is in everything?” Well the answer is simple, we eat real food. We eat wholesome food, most of which is unaltered from it’s original form. No packaged foods, no processed food, only low glycemic fruits and vegetables, good fats and oils, lots of protein, nuts and seeds, oh and water! There are so many amazing recipes available, many books, and much support.

Trust me it is possible, I have seen the results, my clients have fought through withdrawal symptoms and have reaped the reward. If you are still asking if YOU can do it. Absolutely you can, anybody can if they are willing!

You may have strong cravings the first week or headaches, but here are some of the longer term Benefits to completing a sugar detox:

  • Increase and consistent energy levels
  • Clearer skin
  • Clarity of the brain (no it may not be just mommy brain!)
  • Removes toxins from the body
  • Gives you back control

Preparation is KEY, and if you think about it, what do you likely grab when you are starving or on the run, something higher in sugar no doubt. So prepare with meal plans and food ideas. Make it customizable to you on foods that you and your family will enjoy. There is an online Ebook you can purchase if you want a lot more guidance and specifics to eat.

Tomorrow We Will Discus What Sugars To Remove From Your Diet and What Foods To Include So You Can Start Planning! Choose a day that works good for you, but just know there will never be a perfect time and you will face challenges at parties, family reunions, or weddings, but if you are prepared you will succeed with confidence (and a trim waistline!) Who’s starting with me on tuesday!?