Sugar Detox- Week 2

Hello week 3, goodbye week 2!! Such a hard weekend. Although I did not feel deprived of anything, there’s something about the warm weather that screams ice cream, Popsicles and treats! So with that being said, I enjoyed a few licks of the kids ice cream cone!

I wanted to talk a bit about this, the “cheats”, the forbidden foods, the bad stuff! I have talked with a few people over the weekend, so just want to put a little more trust into yourself and your choices.
First, I want you to think about what your goals are, why are you doing what you are doing. I chose to do a sugar detox to break the cravings, and feel better with more energy. I am there and feel great. If I have a bite of sugar or a food not so healthy during this process, I weigh the option and if its worth it to me I eat it, if not I don’t. So secondly, are you being mindful of what you are consuming? Are you making the choices or are craving choosing for you. Are you able to have one bite then shut it down and move on. You need to remember we are dealing with a powerful addiction. Some people need all or nothing, some people can have bites ere or there, know your capabilities and will power. A lot is mental so make your choices and accept them, then move on.

You shouldn’t feel guilty because it is your choice, your body, your life. If you really want to make healthy eating changes, you need to remove your biggest temptation and solve your biggest challenges. Have a plan and stay strong. My long term goal is to keep feeling healthy and fuelling my body with the best foods possible, what’s yours?

Ok so that’s my rant for this morning! Starting in strong this week, great job to those that lasted 2 weeks or less. Be very proud of yourself and eat what makes you feel great!

Sugar Detox Week One

It doesn’t feel like 7 days done, but is feeling easier each day. Some things I have noticed are I am not craving sweet stuff, but more salty, so I am going to really focus on hydration over these next few days to see if that helps. I have noticed my mood is a lot better. No mood swings or sudden shifts like super happy one minute, then grumpy or angry the next. I am feeling in total control of my mood and emotions and able to deal with everything a lot easier. My energy is not so much high, but even and consistent throughout the day. What changes have you noticed?

I have tried a few new recipes this week that leave me feeling full and satisfied, not full and sick or lethargic like other foods do. Please share any great recipes you have found, I am always up for trying new yummy food!
*Low carb Doritos! Ok mine were more like a pita bread, but I tried! The flavour was great! It was nice with avocado sliced or mashed with garlic and salsa or hummus.
*Cookies, yum! These are amazing, It’s hard not to over indulge in these 😉 I did find I had to bake them a little longer then suggested to get them a little harder.
*Banana Chia Bites . Pretty good!
*Amazing Mojito Watermelon salad.
*Banana bread. Gotta love easy recipes!!

So what’s next? Well if this is your first time doing it, congratulate yourself for getting this far. Remember to keep planning foods ahead so you don’t leave yourself without choices. If you are still struggling let me know, but it should be getting easier midway through this week. The withdrawal symptoms should be gone or very close. Remember to get enough sleep that your body needs, you will be less likely to crave sweets and have more energy to prepare yummy meals. Drink plenty of water to keep flushing out the inflammation and toxins. Huge high 5 to those following the sugar detox journey, you are doing an amazing service to your body. Keep it up!

Sugar Detox- Day 1

Ahhhh day one Done! A little hard start since all the stores were closed yesterday, but made it! Breakfast was dismal to say the least! I had a banana and a handful of almonds, went to workout and get groceries (first day back to the gym in over 2 months… Yay!!), then a protein shake after workout with Vega plant based powder, mixed berries and a dollop of coconut cream.
After trying to get the kids fed when we got home, I finally got my amazing salad full of fruit veggies and good fats. Peppers and nuts for snack, then I made salmon with lemon juice and a little basil, with a Sweet Potato Salad. I over cooked the sweet potatoes a little bit but it was good and I would try it again. I finished off the day with apple, bananas, almond butter, and a few raisins!
The hardest thing I found today was not eating off the kids plates and munching. Since I am home all day, I have food available all day! Instead of mindless eating, I switched to Mindful eating and chose other foods, water or just told myself no! A couple cravings for cereal with milk, not sure why, I also craved that like crazy during pregnancy!
Anyhow, if you are right along with me, let me know how your day went and what was most challenging?