Waffles Paleo Style!

The temperature dropped again and the leaves are starting to change colors. It’s a cool fall day and all I am craving is comfort foods! My body is nice enough to crave healthier comfort foods as it knows sugar just doesn’t make it feel any better! So I headed out to the grocery store after dropping Owen off for his first official day of Preschool, which he handled better than his mom of course!

I got lots of fall veggies including squash and am planning to try out a couple vegetable soups. If you have any favourite recipes please do share as this is one of my comfort foods when the weather starts to cool. Maybe it’s because my mom spent many weekends creating masterpiece soups from scratch or maybe because it feels like a warm hug on my insides, but I am really looking forward to some soup making… And more importantly, eating!!

Another fall and winter favourite in our household are pancakes and waffles! So when I found a waffle maker at Superstore for $13 (on Friday the 13th-a sign!) I knew what I was making for lunch!! Since I eat mostly Paleo style since wheat/gluten, sugar and dairy disagree with my digestive system, I searched for a paleo waffle recipe. I was not disappointed by this yummy Waffle recipe from Paleo Parents.

The recipe made about 8 waffles and Owen ate 2! They are filling and so tasty! I added cinnamon in and just mixed it all in my vitamix blender. I also had it with coconut yogurt and fresh fruit. Great idea for my friends on sugar detox as well!

Stay warm today and if you have any great recipes to share, please do!