A Little Inspiration

Hello Fitness world! Wow what a year!

I have been recently reflecting back on this great group of clients I have had the pleasure to train and help change their lives. In my reflection, I cannot say I have been more proud. The motivation and dedication has been refreshing this past year with a few standout moments that I would love to share with you all so we can celebrate together. And too many to include them all here!

After completing her first Bootcamp classes being barely able to complete 5 clean push-ups, huffing and puffing, and carrying some extra post partum pounds, Robin kept striving past new fitness levels, challenging and motivating herself with her goals in mind. She completed races in great times, tightened and toned her entire body, learnt portion control and healthy clean eating habits, surpassed every physical challenge I threw at her during our private sessions (many she thought me insane to think she could do more than 1 repetition!) and learnt how to feel healthy and listen to what her body needed. I am so proud of Robins weekly and daily dedication to workouts and eating, you came a long way this year girl!

Sara completed a year of Bootcamps which she let me know was the longest she had committed to any fitness regime thus far. But she wasn’t ready to end that streak, after a few months off with a back injury, we started private sessions tailored to strengthening her back and getting some lazy muscles activating. She committed week after week and was feeling better and stronger every day until she shocked herself doing over 15 push-ups straight (not originally her strongest exercise!) and going to the gym 3 days a week on top of 3 days of strength training. Despite a lot of mental battles of not thinking she deserved it or could do it, she trusted me and herself and pushed past it to a healthier her! Great work Sara, Keep it up!

I am most proud of my 45 plus group. This is the hardest age to start building muscle tissue, the hardest to undo 45 year old bad habits, the hardest to lose weight (especially with hormone changes), but each of my clients over 45 has proven to be not the hardest to motivate any change. They have fought all odds to make healthy and positive changes in theirs and their families lives.

Sue couldn’t be a better example. She came to me about 16 months ago sick of feeling the way she was. Sluggish, anemic, lethargic, not like herself. She said to me, “this is not me, but I don’t know how to get me back.” She promised to do anything she could not to feel like this again, especially with her 50th birthday in a year. She had her physical goals as well and those pair of capris that she couldn’t even pull on anymore. After completing my 12 week challenge to change program, Sue lost 12 inches from her measurements and dropped a pant size, her energy levels were great, and she was able to perform many difficult exercises with more ease than first starting. She has continued this past year in Bootcamps and her results have been amazing. She has transformed her body and now looks Amazing at 50 and can blow some 20 year olds out of any fitness challenge! Needless to say she can get on those capris And do them up!
She recently introduced me to her daughter with PCOS whose health meant more to Sue than her own. She started this journey with hopes to help her daughter live healthier within her condition and has again gone above and beyond. With her daughter in the 12 week program, Sue helped with some of Robyn’s meal planning and recipes to get her on the right track and Robyn flourished losing over 20 pounds in 7 weeks and over 11 inches. With her whole life ahead of her, she has a tool belt of successful options to keep her on track. I just recently received a reassuring note from Sue, “Two years ago I was anemic and well on my way to the typical peri-menopausal woman ….44-50-48 (Or something apple shaped anyway).

This morning after my wonderful outdoor workout – all in sets of 50 I might add – I did several handstands and a few cartwheels!!! I have not done a cartwheel in more than 20 years and the last time I did I pulled a muscle lol. I can hold a handstand for at least 20-40 seconds. Next time I’ll have someone time it. Imagine that….50 is NOT old 😀

Have I said thank-you?!?”

In return to this question, I want to say thank you to each client who entrusted in me and my sometimes quirky methods! Each and every one of you that has passed through my care over the past 9 years has helped me learn and improve and given me daily inspiration to continue to do what I do!
Thank You!